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Rxprt is a platform for all streams of real estate businesses to connect and deal in an organised, convenient and confidential way using the power of networking ,analytics and technology.

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How It Works?


Free Registration and profile creation. We take the network exclusivity and selectivity very seriously. In order to join RXPRT you can apply for a membership by asking for an invite or you must be invited by a pre existing member.

We find best match for your business using advanced search options. We help you connect with relevant Realtors for all your requirements in areas of Money , Services , Land

Schedule your meetings with realtors Offline or Online to convert real estate opportunities into Real estate profitable deals

Monitor and track your activities on your Virtual Office. We track status of every requirement through our exclusive network. While you are connecting with people, we will provide you with user generated feedback, profiling algorithms and expert advice so that you can close your requirements in current business scenario.


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Our technology is your competitive advantage

Real Estate Software for individual and enterprise level realtors which helps you to provide real estate services more efficiently and effectively than ever before.


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Why You Should Join RXPRT Network?

Gain Access to Expertise from various streams of Real Estate Community!!!

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104 + Design and Construction
115 + Investors and Lenders
85 + Land Owners
207 + Professional Services